Chewy’s Book Review of Mirrorfall (Require: Cookie, Book #1)

Chewy wanted to get in one more book review before the July 4th weekend, as the fireworks are too stressful for him to concentrate on being a respectable book critic.  So before he finds a spot under the bed to hide for the next four days, he churned out this review of Mirrorfall by Grace McDermott.

Chewy’s Book Review


I like Stef. She’s usually covered in crumbs, this is a good trait in a potential master.


She also smells a bit, this could be a human-y attempt to communicate like a civilised animal.


Stef is small, and acts a bit like a rabbit – ready to run away or hide in a corner. Which is probably good, there’s a lot to hide from. Like monsters.


Stef find out about magic – took her long enough, humans can be slow on the uptake.


I think the agents would taste funny to chew on, since they’re not human.


Stef – crumbs and all – gets adopted by an angel, so that she’s not alone any more.


Now she just needs a dog to eat up the crumbs, and she’s all set.