Skyrim Homebrew: Episode Six

Continuing from the previous post.

The party heads back to Whiterun and informs Gelebor of what happened and explains that they think it might be a good idea for him and Delphine to speak. Both of them have reasons not to let the Empire, Altmeri Dominion, or the Stormcloaks know of their existences, which actually makes an alliance worthwhile. They could compare notes and share research, and since there is still the matter of the Dark Brotherhood to deal with, more friends is a good thing.


Gelebor agrees to meet Delphine and travels with the heroes back to Riverwood. The meeting starts awkward because Gelebor is reluctant to immediately reveal himself. It takes some coaxing on the part of the heroes to finally get the two of them openly talking. Once the ice is broken, they agree that an alliance would be mutually beneficial. Gelebor even offers to allow Delphine to come to the keep (after she agrees to give him a vial of blood so that he can key her to the wards). And says that if given enough time and materials, he can construct a waystation that would allow them to travel back and forth between the keep and Sky Reach Temple.


Gelebor gives the players a list of materials. Delphine says she can handle most of the ore. Gelebor gives them gold to pay for the soul gems he’ll need. The difficult part will be the Dwarven metal. The players will have to go dungeoning in old Dwemer ruins for that.


Having successfully united their allies (and some jokes about Delphine and Gelebor hooking up in the future), the party remembers that where there are dead dragons, there would be an empty dragon lair! What could possibly go wrong with backtracking and seeing if they could find the lair?


Stop laughing. No. Really.


Well, they do successfully track back to the dragons’ lair (after surviving an encounter with a dire bear) and find a bunch of loot. They also find four unhatched eggs. Unfortunately, one of the eggs didn’t survive, but the other three still look like the hatchlings may be alright inside. So the party set up camp, in the dragon lair, to play mom and dad to the eggs until they hatch.


Because the only thing more bad ass than being Dragonborn is being Dragonborn with pet dragons apparently.


They successfully hatch the eggs and find themselves the proud parents of three baby dragons. Bob takes a liking to the smallest and calls it Snoop, as it seems to be predisposed to snooping into everything. And then they take the babies back to the keep.


Gelebor is not about to allow three baby brown dragons in the keep, however. They burrow, and he doesn’t want them burrowing into things they are not suppose to be. And besides, the keep is supposed to be a secret base. While he can well enough use wards to keep prying eyes away, how exactly is he suppose to hide three dragons? Who is going to raise them?


So they get the idea that Parthanax would make the perfect babysitter for their baby dragons and take the babies up to High Hrothgar. The old dragon is amused and pleasantly surprised that they cared for the babies instead of killing them or trying to sell them. He agrees to take care of them, and the heroes can come visit them from time to time to check on them.


That settled, they go deal with the troll bounty and then finally return to Gelebor after a short break.


Gelebor is ready with their next task. He has studied all of the related material and is now prepared to test his theory. He sends the players to the ruins of Valheim Tower. Legend says that the ruins were once a mystical defensive structure built during the 1st era. In the lower levels of one of the towers should be a secret door (as all the old fortresses had secret escape tunnels). But this particular tunnel may reveal something else. When asked what, he replies, “I suppose we will find out.”


He provides the players with what looks like an oversized tuning fork crafted of malachite and gold, with a large soul gem in the handle. He asks Celeste what elemental-based spells she knows, because she wiill need to cast three different elemental spells into the tuning fork when they find the door. She explains that most of her elemental spells are fire based, so he will provide her with scrolls (Acid Splash, Ray of Frost, Burning Hands) that should set the proper frequency to open it and let them inside. Bring him any books, documents, or gadgets that they find. Any gold, gems, or treasure is theirs to keep.


The party makes their way to Valheim Tower and fight the bandits in the upper levels. After clearing the bandits out, they find a treasure chest with a substantial amount of high-quality loot in it. A suspiciously high-quality they determine. These bandits also seemed better equipped than the others they had fought, but that will be a matter for another time.


They make their way into the lower levels and deal with a bunch of monstrous spiders before finding the door. Celeste casts the spells into the tuning fork, which chimes faintly. The door opens to reveal a huge circular chamber. Inside, they are confronted by a half dozen very annoyed duegar who don’t take kindly to intruders. With warriors, archers, and a mage among the enemy ranks, the combat is complicated but the heroes prevail.


There is all sorts of loot in the room. One of the more interesting pieces, and the one Gelebor would be most interested in, was a massive metal bound book bearing the seal of the Psijic Order and of Sotha Sil. Bob finds a strange, gold-plated puzzle box and, in proper rogue fashion, decides to solve the puzzle box before anyone has a chance to study it. He succeeds at the Disable Device check to solve the puzzle box, and a Golden Saint emerges from the box.


The Golden Saint asks what he demands of her. When he asks if she can explain what she means, she informs him that she is bound to serve for one day and will do whatever task she is ordered to do so long as it is within her abilities. At first, this sounds cool. Who wouldn’t want a pet Golden Saint. Then Bob asks what happens after the day. She says she goes back in the box. Being a free spirit, this bothers Bob. He asks if there is any way to free her. She says the owner of the box can destroy the box. That would free her. Before the rest of the party can discuss the matter, Bob smashes the box.


The Golden Saint disappears, and the party assumes that is that.


They pile up all of the loot and return to Gelebor, who is thrilled with the books they found and feels this will go a long way to helping with his quest.

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