Chewy Interviews Author Jason Parent

Today Chewy interviews author Jason Parent, who’s book What Hides Within is a finalist in the Horror category for this year’s eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards. And apparently Jason reveals something rather horrific (by Chewy’s standards) at the end of this interview!


Chewy: Tell me how awesome your dog is. If you don’t live with a dog, explain yourself because I tell my mom not to trust dogless people!


Jason: My dog is the most awesome dog ever to grace this planet with her presence, except for Chewy, of course (shameless flattery). She is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Calypso.

Jason practicing a wrestling hold on Calypso.

Chewy:  What is your dog’s favorite thing to do? If you don’t live with a dog, it must be really sad to be you. How do you manage to get through the day without a dog?


Jason: Calypso’s (Caly for short) favorite thing to do is poop all over everybody else’s lawn and watch me pick it up while angry homeowners glare at me out their windows. Our favorite thing to do together is curl up on the couch and watch TV. I would not be able to manage getting through the day without her.


Chewy:  Are there any dogs in your book? If so, tell me how awesome they are! If there are no dogs, do you regret not having any in your book?


Jason: There are no dogs in this particular book, but you’ll be pleased to know that there is a cat, and it dies.


Chewy: In that case, you are forgiven for the lack of dogs. If your main character was a dog, what kind of a dog would he or she be?


Jason: My main character would be a fat, last black lab, not the smartest of the bunch, but not stupid either.


Chewy:  If you could be a dog for one day, what kind of a dog would you be and what would you do with your dog day?


Jason: I’d be a pit bull so I could walk around town showing everyone how nice I and my kind can be . . . until the dog officer tasers me and tries to throw me in a van. Then I’ll bite his $*#& arm off.


Chewy: Do you like bacon?  I really like bacon. Mom is always buying that weird turkey bacon though because she doesn’t eat pork. I think there is something wrong with her because how can she not eat bacon, right? I mean, isn’t it the greatest thing ever? Mom is normally pretty smart about things, but I don’t get it. *sigh* But you like real bacon, right?


Jason: I hate bacon. I know, “You either like bacon, or you’re wrong.” I guess I’m just wrong, Chewy . . . so very, very wrong.


Chewy: *makes confused face* You hate bacon? That may be the scariest thing you ever wrote!

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