Sex Sells…Even in Modding

So I downloaded the Creation Kit from Steam in order to play around with creating mods for Skyrim. I’ve been running a Skyrim-themed campaign for a while (and yes, I know I haven’t updated the story for a while, but I’m not even sure if I CAN update the story in a way that would remotely make sense considering some of the things the players have done…).


I created my first mod called Sanguinistas!, which included a chest in the Sleeping Giant Inn with some skill books (The Sanguinista Threat, vol. 1 through 5) and a follower/merchant/trainer Meridin (hey, that name might sound familiar to some of you). I was rather proud of myself, particularly after some people actually subscribed to my mod and liked it.


So I made a second mod, this time with another follower/merchant/trainer named Sampson (hey, THAT name might sound familiar to some of you as well) located in the Bannered Mare. Again, some people actually subscribed to the mod so I was feeling rather proud of myself.


So then, as I joke, I decided to make Ramla. Ramla is a recurring NPC from our gaming group’s World of Darkness campaigns. She’s a Setite. And let’s just say a lot of our group have something of a love/hate relationship with her. So, for my own amusement, I created Ramla the dunmer vampire follower/merchant/trainer and put her in the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun. I even dressed her in Noctural’s Robes, because Ramla is a Setite and likes to show some skin.


Within a couple of hours, she had twice as many subscribers as BOTH the other mods combined.

The lovely Ramla, immortalized for Skyrim
The lovely Ramla, immortalized for Skyrim

Is it wrong that this amuses me?

Anyway, if you want to quest with Ramla (or any of my mods) you can find them all here.