Chewy’s Book Reviews

Chewy the Book Eater---er---Book Reviewer
Chewy the Book Eater—er—Book Reviewer

Chewy originally started out with Bards and Sages Publishing as our Head of Security, bravely scaring away cats, rabbits, birds, and the occasional Jehovah’s Witness. From there, he took a promotion (actually, it was a lateral move with no change in pay but a new title, but he’s a dog and doesn’t know the difference) to become Director of Marketing.

Well, apparently now he thinks he knows everything there is to know about books and has decided that his true career goal is to be an independent book critic. The fact that he can’t read or write doesn’t seem to dissuade him from this goal. I’m trying to be supportive, because he’s very hopeful. So I agreed to post the reviews for him so that he can start to build his reputation as a serious reviewer.

Honestly, I’m not sure how this is going to work. He’s getting emails from authors promising him dog treats, squeak toys, and improper photos of female dogs in exchange for good reviews. I actually think some of these authors are writing the reviews themselves and Chewy is accepting bribes. Unfortunately, I can’t prove anything yet as I think he is eating the evidence.

So I warn you, I cannot be held responsible for the content of these reviews. I am merely serving as a facilitator to help Chewy build his book critic career. You have been warned.

Book Reviews:

BestFriend by William Van Winkle

Chew Chew the Food Chain Train by Janet Michelson

GAMELAND: Sunder the Hollow Ones by S.W. Tanpepper

The Ghost of Sherwood by Wilson Harp

The Icefire Trilogy by Patty Jansen

Injured Reserves by DC Bour0ne

A Kingdom’s Cost by J.R. Tomlin

Leon Chameleon PI and the Case of the Kidnapped Mouse by  Jan Hurst-Nicholson

Magic Trickery by Chris Mitchell

Mama by Robin Morris

Mirrorfall by Grace McDermott

Meddlers of Moonshine by A. E. Decker

No Such Thing by Judi Coltman

Petectives by Robert J. Smith

Risen by Jan Strnad

Road Trip by J. Tanner

Scary Dead Things by Rick Rick Gualtieri

Sir Dragonbreath by Margaret Lake

Stanley and His Sword by George Berger

Sudden Death Overtime by Steve Vernon

Chewy’s Book Reviews is Now Closed

It is with great sorrow that I close Chewy’s Book Reviews. Chewy passed on January 31st, 2017.

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