Lurraki Literature

For me, part of the fun of world-building is trying to imagine how the people in the world actually see themselves. Lists of important people, cities, organizations, and factions are important. But to really flesh out the world, you sometimes need to focus on the little things that are easily overlooked when thinking about game… Continue reading Lurraki Literature

A Timeline of Lurra

For use with Chronicles of Salbazan Much of Lurra’s history was lost during the Divine Cataclysm. Fragments of scrolls and tomes recovered from ancient ruins hint at extraordinary advances in magic and science: flying transports, fully functioning prosthetic limbs, automations that were capable of doing the work of a dozen workers, communication devices that could… Continue reading A Timeline of Lurra

Chronicles of Salbazan

One of my projects that fell to the wayside during the pandemic was Chronicles of Salbazan, a new setting sourcebook. When I started, I was designing this for 3/5/OGL fantasy game mechanics, but I’ve started to readapt it for Pathfinder 1E. Don’t shoot me, not completely on board with 2E. Feels too much like D&D… Continue reading Chronicles of Salbazan

Publishing Decisions

What qualifies as great fiction is subjective. That doesn’t mean, however, that publishers shouldn’t at least try to give authors some sort of guidance regarding what they are looking for. Bards and Sages Publishing uses a scoring system to make decisions regarding what we will publish. It isn’t a perfect system, but it is designed… Continue reading Publishing Decisions

Moving Forward

I need to announce some major changes moving forward for Bards and Sages Publishing. But before I get into the changes, I want to be transparent and honest about why these changes are happening. The pandemic and subsequent disruption created by it have caused challenges for most of us. We’ve all been dealing with our… Continue reading Moving Forward