Episode 17 Now Available!

Magically Delicious: Eric and Houston attempt to sneak a Leprechaun into the house the day before Thanksgiving.

Family Complications: After navigating Thanksgiving dinner to avoid the discussion of magic around her niece, Nancy gets dragged into a family secret involving Lee’s sister.

Episode Seventeen brings to a close the original story arch of Nancy’s return to the craft and settling in to her new situation. For those just discovering Nancy, you can pick up the first thirteen episodes in the newly revised Nancy Werlock’s Diary.

All individual episodes are also still available, but we encourage you to take advantage of the compilation for the first thirteen episodes as it saves money and includes several minor but important continuity corrections that help streamline the narrative.

If you want to try a few episodes individually, you can find them all at Smashwords and Amazon.

About This Nonsense

Nancy Werlock’s Diary originally began as an experiment in serialized storytelling. The initial set of stories was published exclusively on Amazon through the Amazon Select program.

The stories follow the trials and misadventures of Dr. Nancy Werlock, a licensed marriage counselor and family therapist who comes from a long time of demonologists. Despite Nancy’s magically powerful lineage, many of her troubles are rather mundane. After all, many have dealt with the displeasure of a parent who doesn’t agree with their career choices, or an overly obsessive mother a bit too interested in when she is going to get grandchildren. Through in unscrupulous business competitors, employee problems, and managing career/life balance, and the magical troubles sometimes are the least of her worries.

The world of Nancy Werlock is populated by witches, demons, vampires, fae, and an assortment of mystical creatures, yet remains grounded in the real world. So even when Nancy is confronted with a mischievous gremlin trying to ruin a small town fireworks display or an evil psionic turkey leading its poultry minions, the reader can, somehow, relate.

The new, revised version of Nancy Werlock’s Diary includes all of the serialized stories from Episode One through Episode Thirteen, concluding the original story of Nancy’s journey back to the craft and the mystery surrounding her apprentice’s family tree. The individual episodes are still available at Amazon and elsewhere for those that want to slowly dip their toes into the world one story at a time, but the revised omnibus includes all thirteen episodes (as well as some minor revisions and corrections to improve the narrative flow and fix some continuity issues.)

You can read the three short stories included in Episode One here at Witchnet.

Dear Diary


The Apprentice