The Colleges of Expanded Studies


Motto: De Voluntate Caelestium “The Will of Heaven.” 

Title: Prefect 

Nexus: Rome, Italy 

The College of Divinities focuses exclusively on the use of magical energies from what are considered “divine” sources, and the understanding of what these divine sources may be. During the Renaissance period, the College of Divinities was created to end the schisms of the Inquisition and provide a haven for devout spellcasters to practice both their craft and faith. Unlike other Colleges, members of the College of Divinities in modern times often substitution their preferential religious title for their official College title. This is particularly true of those members who do not follow Judeo-Christian belief systems. 

Divination [Seer]: A school within the College of Divinities that focuses on interpreting the will of divine entities and predicting the future

Restoration [Sage]: A school within the College of Divinities that focuses on using divine energy to heal the body, mind, and soul

Theomancy [Theomancer]: A school within the College of Divinities that focuses on the nature of divine beings themselves, in particular, the study of Ascendency (how an individual or entity becomes a god or goddess).


Motto: None 

Title: Various 

Nexus: Juneau, Alaska 

The College of Witchery became the Seventh College during the Age of Reason to bridge the divide between what was considered High Magic and “low” magic (folk magic, shamanism, druidic magic, etc). Members of this College, however, have only a tenuous connection to the others and joined more out of necessity than any desire for official recognition. Hedge witches and indigenous magic users suffered greatly during the Inquisition and even into the 18th century continued to suffer due to the persecution of indigenous cultures during Western expansion. Joining the Council provided these witches with some level of protection and support, but they balk at the codification of rules of conduct and how to practice. 

Members of this College only refer to rank in formal interactions with other Colleges. Members of this college refer to themselves by whatever terminology is most common in their culture, so you can have shamans, druids, sorcerers, or any number of titles used. Almost all members of this College are either solitary practitioners or part of a coven. There are no guilds dedicated to the college or specialized schools. Traditionalists still insist Witchery isn’t a true College at all, but rather acquiescing to witches who lack the discipline to engage in “proper” training. 


Motto: Fortitudo Voluntas “Strength of Will” 

Title: Psion 

Nexus: Los Angeles, United States 

Psionics did not become an officially recognized College as the Eight College of Magic until the mid 19th century, emerging from the College of Enchantment. Psions rely solely on their own spiritual power, instead of drawing energies from the natural world or the Aether. Psions are the most likely to cross-train with other Colleges and often develop unique magical processes that employ both their psionic abilities and more traditional forms of magic. 

Those psions that remain committed to the College of Psionics are some of the most dangerous magic users in the world, capable of imposing their will across thousands of miles by simply focusing their thoughts on a particular subject. 

Telekinisis [Telekinetic]: A school within the College of Psionics that specializes on the manipulation of matter with mental powers.

Telepathy [Telepath]: A school within the College of Psionics that specializes in the mastery of telepathic communication.


Motto: Ad Conteram Limitibus Scientiam “To Break the Limits of Knowledge” 

Title: Technomancers 

Nexus: New York City, United States 

Arthur C. Clarke’s quote “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” could easily have been adopted as the motto for the College of Technomancy. The College of Technomancy emerged out of the school of transmutation in the early 20th century to become the Ninth College of Magic. Technomancers specialize in the blending of technology with magic. Much technomancy is based on advanced scientific theory complimented by arcane knowledge. The end results are machines and devices that blend into the modern world seamlessly while providing their owners access to immense magical power. 

Despite being the youngest of the Colleges, it has in many ways become the most influential. WitchNet and its associated programs was build to allow witches to connect from across the global and is a completely independent system hidden within the global internet. Techomancer-run companies market magically-enhanced computer equipment and communication equipment to witches.

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