Creative Commons Content

As someone who got her start thanks to the Open Game License, I support efforts to encourage the sharing of creative content in a way that encourages individual creativity while protecting and preserving the rights of original creators. The Creative Commons licenses allow creators to share their work with others in a way that does just that.

Throughout WitchNet, you will come across content bearing the Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution License. Content on those pages may be used freely by other creatives, even in commercial projects, so long as attribution is provided.

Note that the license only applies to that content where the license appears. It doesn’t apply to samples, excerpts, etc. As we develop WitchNet and the series, we will work to add more content under the license.

Current Creative Commons 4.0 Content

An Arcane Glossary

The Colleges of Magic

The Colleges of High Magic

The Colleges of Expanded Studies

Hot Zones

Witches Versus Wizards

The Fae

The Nine

The Politics of Witches

On the Nature of Gods and Demons

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