Hot Zones

One might think it impossible to keep all of these supernatural creatures and races a secret from the Mundanes. In reality, by virtue of the internal controls found in each community, the Mundane population has been safely left in the dark. The biggest threats to the Balance, however, are the creation of Hot Zones.

A Hot Zone is a location in which the Veil has been damaged to such a degree that magical energy from the Aether pours into the physical world. Hot Zones can form accidentally due to excessive use of vulgar magic. They can also form through deliberately damaging the Veil. The identification and sealing of Hot Zones generally falls to the College of Evocation to handle.

If a Hot Zone is allowed to exist for too long, it can lead to the creation of Cryptids (magically mutated animals) and Thought-Beasts. The list of Cryptids include things like Chupacabras and jackalopes. Cryptids are normal creatures that, due to exposure to uncontrolled magical energies, become mutated and take on strange qualities.

Thought-Beasts are the greater threat, however, as they spontaneously manifest from the collective belief of a local community. In essence, any idea in which people believe strongly enough can manifest in physical form. The nature of the belief does not require that the community thinks the thing actually exists. Rather, the nature of the belief is that of cultural acceptance of the idea. Examples of “traditional” Thought-Beasts include Bigfoot, Grey aliens, Mothman, Owlman, and others.

Modern popular culture and the internet have allowed ideas to spread over large and diverse populations, allowing for the formation of just about any sort of Thought-Beast. Even “Hollywood” monsters can manifest in this nature. A recent zombie outbreak in a remote part of South America, where the zombies emulated the infectious nature of modern cinema’s version of the zombie, has put Cryptologists on high alert.

Thought-Beast References in the Nancy Werlock series:

The story The Gremlin from Episode Four focuses on a thought-beast resembling the gremlins from the movie Gremlins that is trying to sabotage a July 4th fireworks show.

Also in Episode Four, Nancy references an incident in Newark, NJ where some weak Cenobites manifested after some goth kids accidentally tore a hole in the Veil.

The story The Walking Dead from Episode Eight focuses on a “zombie” outbreak in the Pine Barrens during a Zombie Walk for charity, featuring several different types of zombies manifesting in the area.

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