The Nine

The Nine represent the supreme leaders of the magical community, yet almost nothing is known about them. The Nine are never referred to by name (because nobody is even sure what their names are). They are instead referred to by number based on which school they represent. First of the Nine, for example, refers to the Nine responsible for the College of Conjuration. Ninth of the Nine refers to the Nine responsible for the College of Technomancy. The Nine only rarely involve themselves in the day-to-day affairs of the magical community.

Even the origins of the Nine are a mystery to most magic users. The earliest records of their existence are found in ancient Babylon, where they were first referred to as the Five Pillars of Heaven (the original five colleges of magic). One scroll hints that the original Five were the highest ranking Bare among the Babylonian priesthood, one representing each of the five Supreme gods of Ishtar, Marduk, Nabu, Ninurta, and Nergul. But there is no known corroborating evidence to support this.

Despite the fact that almost nobody knows who these individuals are, their existence and authority is rarely questioned. This blind acceptance may be, in part, due to the fact that they mostly leave the magical community alone. The Nine will impose their authority only in situations that threaten the entire magical community. Their “hands off” leadership approach makes it easy to accept them.


Each of the Nine has an Advocate. The Advocate conducts business between The Nine and the Council of Chancellors. Though they prefer to work through indirect channels, they will directly communicate with a witch on pressing matters if doing so is the most efficient method of obtaining information. Advocates are always Rank One members of their College.
Advocates are rarely addressed by their names. Instead, they are referred to with the honorific Lord Advocate or Madame Advocate.

Unlike the Nine, the Advocates identities are well known, and they can be reached even by low-ranking witches in a crisis (though it had better be a real crisis). Advocates spend most of their time at their College’s Nexus.

The Esteemed

The Esteemed are paranormal beings who serve the Nine. It is unclear exactly WHAT The Esteemed actually are. The Esteemed are not affected by spells and powers that normally affect otherworldly entities and routinely circumvent wards designed to block even the most powerful of demons and fae. All that is known for sure is that they are the unwavering servants of the Nine, and have a vast array of peculiar powers. The Esteemed do not have individual names insofar as anyone knows, and are simply referred to as Esteemed when addressed.

When an Esteemed appears, it normally appears as a ball of translucent light. They can communicate in any language and telepathically manipulate physical objects in their vicinity. The Esteemed act independently of the Advocates and are often sent out on pet projects or investigative missions for their masters.

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